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Field testing

Forged knife and an oak branch

Oak handled hunting knife and an oak branch

I decided to put some knives to the test.  Some traditional sharpness and edge retention tests include cutting rope, cardboard, shaving hair off your arm and chopping through wood.

I’ve cut plenty of paper and cardboard now and now have a bald spot on my left arm.

I found this 2-1/2″ seasoned oak branch in on the floor of the woods today.  I went to work with the forged knife and it went right through the heart wood without problems.  I cut another section with this oak handled hunting knife I made a while back and had the same results.

I was a little nervous about this as oak can be a tough wood and I was hacking at this wood like it was a hatchet.

All and all I was very impressed with the blade integrity after this experiment.  I did not notice any dull spots on the blades after this and it sliced through cardboard just like it did before the hacking.

I am very pleased and this gives me great confidence that the blades I am making are of good quality.


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  1. wow looks like they can cut well!!

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