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Chainsaw Carving

Bear #13

Here is my first attempt at carving a cigar store Indian and bear # 12.

Bear # 11. This is my 11th bear I carved from a log with a chainsaw.

Bear #10

Here is my first attempt at a chainsaw carved penguin.

Interested in learning how to carve a bear with a chainsaw? This book helped me learn the ropes: "Chainsaw Carving a Bear" by Jamie Doeren

A friend challenged me to carve a "cubby bear" like the Chicago Cubs logo. So, I went to work chainsaw carving a chicago cubs bear. It isn't perfect, but I think it turned out pretty well being I had no plans, just a picture.

Here is another view of the chainsaw carved cubby bear.

Here's bear #9. I recently carved and donated this one for a silent auction fundraiser.

Here is a bear fan stopping to take his picture with bear #8 at the St. Cloud Hospital Pediatrics ward. Thanks for e-mailing this in!

Here I am harvesting some coniferous logs for bear carving up at our cabin (Northern MN). The snow was about 3 feet deep, but apparently that doesn't stop a crazy person like myself.

I could have picked a warmer day to harvest some logs for bear carving!

I donated a bear to the St. Cloud Hospital's pediatrics area which has an "up north" theme. Here I am with bear #8 at it's new home in the hospital.

The ladies of the St. Cloud Hospital, bear #8 and myself.

Bear # 7

Here is the happy owner with bear #6. The bear will normally be holding a beer in his right paw, but he is sipping the hot sauce for now.

Here is a chainsaw carved garden gnome I did for a customer. The more I do the better they are getting.

Here is bear #5 welcoming guests at my house. I feel silly chaining him up, but you never know what people will swipe. I spent way too much time on this bear to let someone run off with it.

Bear #5 being dusted off after being sanded by my two little helpers. It was Halloween 2010 and we were killing some time before trick or treating.

Here is a trophy I carved for a contest at work

Here a couple garden gnomes I thought I'd try. No instructions, just had an idea in my mind. I still don't know what to think of them; ugly or cute? Any thoughts?

Here is the bear I made for my father in law and our leinenkugels at the cabin.

Here is bear #4 with his happy owners.

Once the bear is carved, it gets sanded, burnt w/ a propane torch to burn off the little fibers left and stained. It's nose is taped off so that it will have a clean unpainted wood nose later. I make a custom stain for each bear.

Me and my carving tools

Happy customer with bear #3

Bear #2 enjoying his first Leinenkugels beer.

Done carving bear #2

More progress on bear #2

Bear #2 second cut session.

Bear #2 cut first session.

Here is the finished bear #1 doing a fine job in my cubicle holding our coveted sunflower seeds.

I recently decided to try my hand at chainsaw carving. Here is bear #1 taking shape and bear #2 will soon follow out of the log behind me.

2 Responses

  1. Really enjoyed looking at all your bear photos as I have been trying to think of a good use for some big logs I have laying around and I think I will give the bear a go with the Stihl. Thanks

    • I am glad that it inspired you.
      I can scan and e-mail you some visual directions I have if it would help. I would also check out the book I have listed on the my bear page.

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