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From steel to knife: the process

All done

Here is the sheath taking shape.

The knife is done asside from sharpening and buffing. Now on to the leather sheath.

Done filing, shaping and sanding the handle. The knife handle has now been stained and soaking in.

The brass pins and lanyard hole liner have been epoxied in place and the final handle shaping has been started.

The brass and the handle details have roughly been sanded to where I want it. Here is the assembled knife epoxied and waiting to dry.

The knife has been sanded to 220 grit after being heat treated and tempered. The oak handle has been drill out to accept the hidden tang and the brass finger guard has been cut, drilled and filed to fit.

Here is the blade heated to about 1500 degrees. It will then be dunked in oil to harden and then heated in an oven for about 2 hours to temper.

Here is the blade filed and sanded down with 180 grit. Now on to heat treat the blade.

Time to file to put the rest of the bevel and shape on the blade. I used to use a sander, but I've gone a step back and gotten used to the files. I have more control and they produce a better looking blade for me.

Here we have one of the blades that has been cleaned up and shaped with the grinder. You can also see I started forming the blade bevel with the grinder.

Here are some blade blanks that were cut out with the angle grinder. They need a lot of cleaning up.

Here we start with some 1080 high carbon steel bar stock


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