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I turned the bowl on the left from a mountin ash log and the bowl on the right is cherry.

This is an end grain bowl turned from a green Quacking Aspen (Populus tremuloides) log. I used a wire to burn the line into the side of the bowl for decoration.

Here are a couple of pens I've made. The bottom pen is made of walnut and the top pen is either maple or elm.

Here are four finished bowls I turned from elm for someone.

Here are a couple pen and pencil sets I recently finished.

This is a natural edge bowl with the bark remaining on the bowl I turned from a piece of silver maple I cut off of a tree in my yard.

I turned this bowl from elm. This was an experimental piece as I turned this from a green piece of wood that I cut off of the tree a week prior to turning.

Here is a Chinese Elm bowl that I finished recently. The wood was from a tree in my backyard.


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One Response

  1. I enjoyed viewing these beautiful bowls posted on this site. It is interesting to see what the different woods turn out to be after turning on the lathe.

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