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Log Table


The log table has now been stained, has many coats of polyurethane and is at it's new home, the cabin.


New Table Done

New table

Can you spot the log table in this picture? It needs a little bit of work.

File knife

I've wanted to do this for a while. I've seen others make a knife out of a good quality file. I've had one around the shop for a while and now I am going to give it a shot. I've annealed the file to make it easier to grind and shape. The wood is some maple burl slabs I've purchased which are stained blue. The brass rod is a mosiac pin material that will give some design to the pins I use to keep the handle in place. I am exicted to get working on this project!

New hobby alert!

I've wanted to make some log furniture for a long time. I finally got the draw knife out and made some shavings. It isn't pretty, but it should work as an end table at the cabin. If I had to do it over again, I would find a better log for the top, use larger logs for the legs and feet and make all of the tenons on my lathe instead of with the hatchet and draw knife. You have to start somewhere!

Hatchet Revitalization

I bought this Plumb brand hatchet at a flea market a couple years ago. I've always wanted to carve a new handle for it and fix it up. I finally ordered a new handle and will get started on revitalizing the head. I need to soak it in vinegar and the rust will wipe off. I will then sand it, polish it, sharpen it and put the new handle on it.

Quaking Aspen Box

This is my first stab at making a box on the wood lathe. This was turned from a green Quaking Aspen (popple) log I cut. I let it dry for a week or two before finishing it. I sanded it to 1800 grit and it was finished with mineral oil. I've had this mineral oil (food safe finish) for a while and I wanted to see how it turns out. I like it.

The dark lines going around the bowl were created by cutting a groove and then applying a wire tool I made to create friction and cause the wood to burn leaving that mark.